Decision Mapping®

A Structured Method for Successful New Business Development.

Decision Mapping® provides clients with a conceptual and literal “Map” of customers’ key decision processes and influencers. Often thought to be “Intuitive,” there is in fact structure and logic to each customer’s vendor selection purchase decision process. Without Mapping, their behavior and decisions can appear irrational, relationships can deteriorate and getting new or repeat business can become an elusive goal.

Use Mapping to increase win-rate and market share.

  • Install a world-class business development process
  • Affect a dramatic shift in Customer Perceptions
  • Lift teams to engage at the Strategy Level or higher
  • Provide single-point Strategic Responsibility
  • Establish a unifying process across the organization
  • Assure that the Sales thinks and acts as a multi-functional team
  • Document, communicate and leverage winning strategies
  • Disengage from snarly price wars to communicate total value
  • Stabilize customer relations following initial account capture

With Mapping customer actions make sense, even becoming predictable.

GVS Engage supports client company growth objectives by providing licensing and training for The Decision Mapping Counsel, LLC process.

Decision Mapping® is a trade secret process developed by Richard Hodapp and owned by The Decision Mapping Counsel, LLC “Decision Mapping®” and “Mapping®” are registered trademarks of The Decision Mapping Counsel, LLC.

Interview with Decision Mapping creator, Richard Hodapp

In this two-part interview with Dan Gallow, Managing Director of The Allasso Group and an experienced user of Decision Mapping, Rich Hodapp describes the results experienced by several Decision Mapping client companies.  Rich also discusses a bit of the history of the discovery of the Mapping process.