Executive Consulting


This type of consulting is often an essential element of corporate growth. An experienced outside counselor can be an invaluable partner that helps sound out new ideas, explore the dimensions of challenges and give form to solutions. Years of practical experience and successful management make GVS Engage a valuable resource for executives seeking assistance or growth.

Board Membership

A third-party presence and the benefit of a new perspective can be one of the greatest assets executives may employ. A diversity of management experience lends depth and breadth and value to the counsel we offer. As a corporate board member GVS Engage can offer informed and well-founded thoughts to help guide successful strategies, practices and keep operations on a sustainable path of growth.

Oversight and responsibility:

  • Mission and Purpose of the Organization
  • Executive Selection
  • Executive Support and Performance Review
  • Effective Organizational Planning Oversight
  • Resource Adequacy and Utilization Oversight
  • Products, Services and Programs Oversight
  • Organization’s Public Image Enhancement
  • Board Member Performance Assessment