Business Strategy

An independent perspective of your company’s direction, along with a complete review of key performance indicators and growth opportunities is one of the fundamental methods of keeping any organization fit and prepared for sustained growth over the long term.


Developing a winning strategy requires serious consideration and a commitment to fact-based decisions. This prepares teams to develop strategic goals, positioning within the served market, and execution plans.


Prior to embarking on any strategic planning initiative, defining the scope of the plan is critical.

  • Is the entire organization involved, or is it a single business unit, a specific market segment or a brand?
  • Are internal issues such as staff performance, coordination between departments, or quality control and production efficiency the focus of the exercise?
  • Will the project focus on external issues such as marketing, supply chain management or distribution?

Establishing a realistic scope is critical to delivering realistic, fully executable plans.

GVS Engage undertakes business strategy assignments that include:

  • Market Assessment / Competitive Analysis
    • Detailed, accurate market research is the foundation of sound decisions. Armed with a clear understanding of key competitive forces including firms, technology or other change-factors our team can develop clear positioning for product lines, services offerings or companies.
  • Growth opportunities and strategies
    • A broad approach to growth can open up unexpected avenues: from acquisition, to technology or distribution channels, finding and defining leveraged business opportunities is at the core of our consulting approach. Whether growth is broad and incremental, or unique in nature, thoroughly defining the opportunity, the required resources, and a realistic implementation plan is a deliverable for each engagement we undertake.
  • Products / Services definitions
    • With a broad technology background, the GVS team has the engineering know-how required to evaluate new technologies or proposed services, their fit into target markets, and the structural outlines they should encompass to meet with acceptance and wide adoption. Our expertise spans initial project definition through pricing and positioning within target markets.
  • Required processes and infrastructure
    • In addition to assisting with product and service definition, GVS Engage has years of experience implementing hardware and software engineering development processes, suplly chain strategies, and manufacturing and quality processes required to support new offerings. An integrated approach to design, prototyping, testing and production streamlines the overall project, and insures that timelines, costs and functionality definitions are all met.
  • Major program capture
    • Planning for major program capture is one of the most highly leveraged activities that GVS Engage offers. A formal mapping process that defines target client and program stakeholders, objectives and motivations has been a major contributor to success for Decision Mapping® client/practitioners. GVS Engage is an accredited program and knowledge transfer partner with over a decade of experience.

GVS Engage strategy engagements may last a number of months or be a continuing relationship for years. There is a defined process, and it’s important to allow the necessary time to brainstorm ideas, gather information, analyze data and finalize a strategy. With this type of work, quality matters; a deliberate approach will pay big dividends. Importantly, even the best of plans is valueless if it is not executed. GVS Engage can offer the necessary support to fully implement a strategy and help translate it into the desired results.