The Predictive Index®

Employee Engagement: The Key to Corporate Growth

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Find the Right People

Long term success and growth have become highly dependent on finding and retaining top talent and implementing practices that attract clients and keep them over the long term. These tasks continue to be highly challenging as the available talent pool becomes ever more diverse in all respects.

Plan for Total Engagement

GVS Engage offers proven tools, methods and training to guide the process of candidate selection. Their tested approach helps evaluate basic motivational factors and capabilities to better match employee’s intrinsic drives, behaviors and abilities to prospective job requirements as well as their fit into designated teams and cultural environments.

Improve Selection, Match and Performance

The Predictive Index®, or PI®, is a proven methodology that allows businesses to understand the factors driving their workforce.

Independent assessments of the Predictive Index programs and tools have established its efficacy as compared to unstructured approaches. Scientific validation and a 60-year proven track record shows that business challenges large and small are no match for PI®’s unique approach to client education and knowledge transfer, which ensures swift adoption, direct ROI, and high impact on performance metrics.

Tools and Services

Job Assessment

The PI Job Assessment is designed to capture the behavioral requirements of a specific role, while considering company culture and team dynamics. The Job Assessment gives you a road map for the various positions in your organization, providing insight into the behavioral drives and learning abilities needed to predict on the job performance.

Use the Job Assessment in your hiring process to select the ideal candidates.

Behavioral Assessment™

This web- based assessment tool predicts the four primary and two secondary personality traits that describe, explain and predict day-to-day workplace behaviors:

Primary traits: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, Formality

Secondary traits: Decision Making, Response Level

Cognitive Assessment™ is a general, 12-minute timed cognitive ability assessment that measures an individual’s capacity to learn quickly, grasp new concepts, adapt to changing circumstances, and understand complexity in the work place.

Together, the Behavioral Assessment and the Cognitive Assessment provide reliable and repeatable measurements to assess an individual’s fit for a particular role, how quickly an individual will come up to speed in that role, and predict how successful the individual will be in the role.

Experience the six-minute assessment

Try PI Free*.

You will receive a live read-back from GVS Engage and be provided with a report summarizing your natural management and influencing or selling styles.  You will begin to realize how the PI Behavioral Assessment ™ can help you hire the best fitting candidates, manage people better, and ultimately increase the performance of your workforce.

*The Try PI Free offer is only available to those who are investigating the use of PI within their organization. Candidates or Employees of existing PI clients who are interested in learning more about PI assessments should consult their potential or existing employer for more information. Individuals who have no affiliation with a prospective or existing client of PI, or are purely interested in gaining knowledge for non-business related reasons, may not be offered to take a PI assessment. GVS Engage reserves the right to select which individuals will be offered the Try PI Free offer after completing the form on this page. Please contact us with any questions.

A Practiced Partner and Teacher at your Disposal

GVS Engage is a PI® Certified Partner of The Predictive Index and provides clients with the training, licensing and web based software tools needed to develop the critical human capital connection necessary to successfully execute their operational and growth strategies.

What Our Customers Say
What Our Customers Say
Real Time Automation, Inc. of Pewaukee, Wisconsin is a leading provider of industrial networking products.  RTA recently adopted the Predictive Index methodology to understand what drives their workplace behaviors so that they can ensure alignment, drive team success, and achieve their business objectives faster than ever.  See what John Rinaldi, RTA CEO, has to say about GVS Engage and The Predictive Index.